This is Tor. Tor makes people untraceable. This allows criminals to make fraudulent sites that scam average people who work hard for their money. BUT you may be able to get your bitcoin back!

Blockchain Analysis – If you sent them bitcoin then it might be possible to trace it. At Queens Cash we convert all BTC to Monero(XMR), and XMR is untraceable. We have to do this because we are being pursued by powerful forces. The people who run scam sites are stupid idiots and most of the time you can trace the bitcoin.

Report them: You will trace them to Coinbase, Luno, Binance, Poloniex or others. Report them as scammers to that company. Tell them that you made a mistake and ordered from them. Tell them that you will cooperate with that company to bring that person to justice. Need help tracing the bitcoin? Contact “” who can trace it for free. He is very busy so it might take him a while. We are committed to destroying scammers. That’s why we give our users the tools they need to cause scammers pain.

Result: The company will report the scammer to law enforcement. Then that person might go to jail and get fucked in the ass. If they had funds in their account at the time of the bust, those funds will be frozen because they are scammers. You will get your money (BTC) back as long as you can prove you are the one who bought it. Need help with that? Contact “” who will help you for free.

Don’t contact the Law: Let the company(Luno/Coinbase/Poloniex/ext) contact Law Enforcement. If you contact law enforcement they will add you to a watch list, and you will be monitored by law enforcement for the rest of your life. If you ever do any tiny illegal thing, they will be at your house to send you to jail because they will be watching you all the time. It’s not worth it. If the company does it then nothing negative should happen to you probably.

Consider Murder: The company might tell you who scammed you. If they tell this to you, think about murdering them. If you need help finding a group that can murder someone of your selection contact “”. They will charge at least $5,750. Yes there are cheaper options. But this group will make the murder look random and it will not be connected to you. They have been in operation for 5 years and obviously the fact they are still in operation proves they know what their doing.