We have two groups of competitors. Sites that have cloned our site and fraud buyers. And sites that also sell pre-shred that they have purchased from us.

Sites Stealing From Our New Buyers:

There are many other sites that have “Cloned” our site. They did this to steal from people trying to buy product from us. If we think about this logically one of the sites MUST be legit and real because many others exist to fraud the truthful site. In other words people are using the trust built from the real site(us) to fraud new buyers with their fraud site. We can not do anything about it. This is anonymous TOR so we cannot track them down and murder them. And we can not call the police to fix the situation because we are criminals. We’re the legit site. Buy from those other sites and you’ll get fucked. How do you know we’re the real site?

Community Trust: We are the site that the community posted to the real Hidden Wiki. If we are stole from anyone the community would remove our listing. Trust us because hundreds of other people trust us. Trust us because we have thousands of reviews from several years.

Escrow: We are the only site that is willing to use escrow. Escrow means the money (Bitcoin) is NOT going directly to the seller (us) but is being held by an impartial third party (Escrow Company) until you receive the goods and are happy with them. If there are any problems you can get your bitcoin back. We are the ONLY site willing to use escrow when we sell to our buyers. We only use escrow on large orders because that escrow can delay payment for a long time and sometimes we lose our payment due to fraudulent buyers. So we are only willing to go through this hassle with serious buyers.

Other “Pre-Shred” sellers.

Everyone can NOT steal from the FED like we do. It’s just not possible. So how can other sites sell ‘pre-shred’ cash? Here is how and why: We sell other sites ‘pre-shred’ cash in bulk for them to resell. We only sell them the shittiest cash that we do not want.

So why buy from us and not them? The cash you buy from other sites is in such bad condition it might not work at ATM’s, Machines or at banks. It’s shitty thats why we sold it to them in bulk. 100% of our cash will work at banks and ATM’s.

If they are offering other currencies like EURO, RUB, AUD, ext. then they are handling your trade then they are paying us to complete the order. So your package of money will ship from one of our people if you buy from other companies. It’s fine if you want to do this. But we never provide support for buyers who use other websites. We only provide support for those who buy from us. If you buy from another site and if there is a problem with the shipment we will not help.